Simple Age Resisting Facial Wash

Simple Age Resisting Facial Wash

A few months back I purchased the Simple Age Resisting Facial Wash as I was in need of a new cleanser. 

This cleanser promises to fight premature ageing and contains no artificial perfume or colour, harsh chemicals that can upset skin, parabens or animal derived ingredients. 

With a "special blend of active ingredients", the Simple Age Resisting Facial Wash is meant to remove all impurities and leave complexion visibly clearer while being suitable for even sensitive skin. 

The back of the packaging claims to have Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract, Mushroom Extract, Oat Extract, Shea Butter, Allantoin and Chamomile Oil, however I cannot find the Shea Butter or the Allantoin in the ingredient list . 

The rest of the aforementioned ingredients are present in the list and it still is a good product nonetheless. The Simple Age Resisting Facial Wash is a mild cleanser without any perfume (it smells faintly of green tea) and the Oat and Chamomile make it very gentle. 

It lathers lightly and the cleansing power is OK, but I find it very good value and the skin-soothing and anti-ageing ingredients make it worth it. Something I also want to mention is that it seems to leave a residue that builds up throughout several days worth of use, so I recommend that you use some sort of exfoliant to get rid of any build up that may have accumulated during the week. 

All in all, it is a good mild cleanser that I would recommend you try if you are looking for a face wash with anti-ageing capabilities that is also suitable for sensitive skin and is very affordable.

Find Simple Age Resisting Facial Wash in Superdrug and Savers.


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