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Schwarzkopf Gliss Liquid Silk Express Repair Conditioner

gliss liquid silk express repair conditioner schwarzkopf
gliss liquid silk express repair conditioner schwarzkopf

Last year I had some online credits and decided to use them at Superdrug when they were having free delivery. One of the items I chose was the Schwarzkopf Liquid Silk Express Repair Conditioner from their Gliss line.

This product is a leave-in conditioner aimed at repairing your hair and contains liquid keratin as well as liquid elements of silk, it promises to help brittle, dull hair achieve immediate combability, shine and smoothness. It comes with 2 phases, a light pink/almost clear one and a creamy white one on the top (when I saw the product in the shop I noticed the proportions of white to pink product vary, the one I got had not as much white in it). So before using you are supposed to shake the product to mix the 2 parts together and then spray into towel dried or dry hair after washing and leave it in to work its magic.

The first time I used it I wasn't very impressed. I normally go for thicker products like styling creams and other leave-in conditioners that have a slightly heavier texture, so it felt a bit weird using a liquid on my hair, because I didn't see a great difference it felt like I was just wetting my hair again.

After that first experience I put the bottle on the back of a drawer, only to resurface again last summer when I decided to give it another chance. On this occasion I used it regularly: every time after I washed my hair I would spray this on, and started to realise I liked what I saw!

Immediately after spraying it, I brush through my hair to distribute the product and it definitely makes it feel smoother and easier to brush. I wasn't completely sure about the shine promise, but looking back at some of my pictures and videos for the blog I could see my hair was actually quite glossy, so I must admit that this product actually does what it says.

If you would like to try Gliss Liquid Silk Express Repair Conditioner yourself, look in Superdrug. (RRP £3.79)

Have you tried this product before?


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  1. I love your post,kisses.

  2. This sounds great! Love that it's conditioning xx

    Candy Cosmetics

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    De esta linea de productos para el cabello he usado muchas veces el shampoo y el acondicionador, y me gustaban mucho los dos! Tengo que probar este otro...
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  4. Great review. I want to try this.

  5. Sounds like something I could definitely use! Haha.
    I don't usually prefer liquid leave in conditioners either. Usually get a serum cream. Will check this out though!


  6. I'm always looking for hair products to tame my frizz! thanks for sharing


  7. I used to use this and was pretty impressed but I like to vary it up too :)

    Jodie Marie
    à la

  8. I'm looking for a new conditionner and this one could be a good option!

    Besitos guapa xx

  9. It's a bit weird that that the pink to white part isn't even across all bottles! I'm glad you gave it another shot and like it though, it's a bit shit when you use a product and it's not very good =(

    Corinne x

  10. Well, since you did say that this product works, in the end, that's all that matters, isn't it?
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