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Pastel Dresses for Spring at TBDress

I know we are still in the middle of winter but spring is fast approaching, and if you are planning your wedding for spring or summer (or attending any weddings or parties) you might find these dress options helpful.

Pastels are going to be big for next season and I am really adoring the trend as pastel colours are feminine and easy to wear. The lovely gown on the left features a miniature flower beading detail on the top half and a plain bottom half. The fact that it is floor length makes it very classy and formal, also making you look taller. I love the band below the bust, which highlights the waist and because the skirt flares out, it accentuates the narrowest part of your body, making it so flattering. 
The dress on the right is perfect for younger girls looking for a party dress as it is very fun and subtly sexy with the bare shoulders and knee length skirt. This dress also features a band around the waist but this time it offers a pop of colour with the red fabric. What I really love about this dress is the beautiful mini rosettes embroidered under the first layer of the skirt, giving it extra texture and a more couture feel to it. For more yellow evening dresses have a look on


Another great pastel colour option for the following seasons is pink, which I think is the ultimate feminine colour. The dress on the left might look plain but if you look carefully, it features a beautiful delicate ruched texture on the bust area. I love the sweetheart neckline as it makes this dress sexy without showing too much, even though it is floor length. Also since the dress is quite simple, you can add your personal touch by incorporating accessories like a sparkly necklace or drop earrings to show off the neckline.
The dress on the right will accentuate your waist with its fitted top and A-line shape. Like the dress on the left it features a ruched top but also has a strap on one shoulder which is beautifully decorated with roses on the front. I like how this dress has a sheer longer layer on the top as it will show off your legs in a more modest way.
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  1. I love this tone

  2. I love your post,kisses.

  3. thank you for the comment: D I following you : D

  4. Oh these dresses are gorgeous. I'm probably going to stray away from the traditional white dress and opt for something like the first dress. I like a champagne color.

    Sincerely, Christine from Invisible Blush

  5. beautiful dresses! really love the first one:)
    Emma xx

  6. I absolutely love the second dress. The detailing of the roses on the sash are so pretty.

  7. That first dress looks amazing! I am still looking for the perfect cocktail dress for a wedding in April. This was great inspiration :-)

  8. Oh very cute and lovely dresses!

  9. I cannot even say out loud of how much I want spring and summer! :)
    Lovely inspiring post! :)

  10. That first gown and second dress are my favorites! I'll be attending my sisters wedding in the near future, so thanks for the tips!



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