BYRE Full Cream Body Wash

BYRE Full Cream Body Wash

I went from running away from dairy to literally showering in it (you might remember I went dairy free for about a year in order to try to help my skin which was going through a very bad breakout phase nearly 4 years ago).

Anyway, I saw the BYRE Full Cream Body Wash in Sainsbury's one day and picked it up as it sounded like a nice, gentle body wash and wanted to try it.

The BYRE Full Cream Body Wash is "a rich, thick and creamy body wash with a vanilla fragrance". It contains sweet whey power from British cows, as well as aloe vera, oatmeal extract and sustainable poppy seed oil for soft and supple skin.

What I like about this body wash is that it gently cleanses skin without leaving it feeling tight or dry. It does have a light vanilla scent which sadly doesn't linger and I wish was stronger, and there's also a hint of acidity in the scent but that doesn't negatively affect my opinion on this product. 

If you have dry skin or want a mild cleanser that will gently soften and moisturise your skin I think you might like the BYRE Full Cream Body Wash.

Find the BYRE Full Cream Body Wash in Sainsbury's.


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