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A non surgical approach to younger skin at

At the Dublin Vitality Center (, skincare clinic nurse therapists can help you get younger skin with their unique non-surgical 3 step skin rejuvenation method:

1. The first step is Microdermabrasion - this helps get rid of dead skin cells to reveal younger, more glowing skin underneath.

2. Diathermy will help remove broken veins and capillaries. This step promises no laser nor damage, but instant results in most cases. (

3. Skin Needling using NEW Dermatude non invasive system is an extra gentle treatment for wrinkles, scars and stubborn areas. The derma rolling device presses gently deep into the upper dermis, which stimulates the skin to start its own healing process creating more collagen and new skin cells, leaving you with younger looking skin. It cannot penetrate more than it needs to so unlike any other skin needling system, it causes limited downtime and no risk of damage (

I have personally tried microdermabrasion at home and can agree with the fact that it helps better the look of skin as it smoothes out your complexion, leaving it soft as well. It can cause a bit of redness so I don't think it would be best suited to sensitive skin.

Step 2 Dermatude Skin Needling sounds very interesting and would like to try it as the area under my nose, as well as my chin have a couple of broken capillaries, which you can only see if you look up close, but from a distance it looks a little bit red.

Finally, having suffered from breakouts there's a lot of scarring on my skin that I would like to get rid of, and seeing the improvement on other people's skin after using derma rollers has left me considering this option recently.

I think this method can help you achieve visible and feasible results without the need of subjecting your skin to dangerous invasive procedures that could end horribly wrong and leaving you looking worse than when you started (ie. laser burns or deforming botox jobs). After all who wouldn't want to improve the look of their skin and look younger?

If you would like to know more about the procedures visit

Have you tried any of these procedures? 


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  1. I've always wondered about that needle roller thingie. If I could get my hands on one I'd definitely give it a try.

  2. Great post dear
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  3. No surgery treatment sounds great.=)

  4. I'm too young for this, but sounds really good!

  5. Hola hermosa! Interesante este post, aqui donde vivo yo no hay estas cosas xD buuu...
    asi que estas en UK desde dos años? Yo me vine a Italia con mi familia... tu te fuiste sola para alla'?
    Un besote!

  6. I love your post,kisses.


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