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Top 3 Summer Hobbies for Introverts


These are the things that I enjoy doing now it is nice and sunny and would love to feel extra motivated to be more consistent at them: 

1. Play tennis: at the start of last year I started exploring the idea of being more active and thought playing tennis would be a good option. We got rackets and balls and played a couple of times, but then our health betrayed us (nothing too serious) and we had to stop for a while. But I absolutely enjoyed it and found it so much fun. 

2. Nature photography: when Dot buys me flowers on special occasions I love taking pictures of them as I find them so beautiful. I like going in the garden and photographing other flowers too, as well as pretty blooms I might find on the street. When the weather is warm and plants have blossomed and I don't need to layer up to go outside it is just ideal and more enjoyable. 

3. Watercolour painting: since I moved here I thought I'd try a bit of painting and bought myself a couple of bits from The Works to start experimenting. Enjoyed it quite a lot so I upgraded into a slightly better kit and even though I don't paint everyday as sometimes I just can't think of what on earth to paint, it is something that relaxes me, especially if I'm listening to music at the same time. 

What are some activities that you enjoy doing during the summer?


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