Malin + Goetz Skincare Essentials Set

Malin + Goetz Skincare Essentials Set

As a gift with purchase with a magazine that I got ages ago, came the Malin + Goetz Skincare Essentials Set in sample sizes, which I have been using as of late and really enjoying. 

The Malin + Goetz Skincare Essentials Set includes the Grapefruit Face Cleanser, which is meant to purify and hydrate the skin without drying, stripping or irritating it. What I like about this cleanser is that it thoroughly cleanses my skin very easily and removes all the natural oils that my face loves to produce haha. The only thing I don't like about this product is the metallic smell. 

The set also includes the Vitamin E Face Moisturiser, which claims to be residue free, and to gently and effectively hydrate and balance the ph of skin without blocking pores thanks to the use of chamomile, allantoin and milk. This product doesn't have the not very favourable smell of the cleanser, which is great. It is very moisturising, easily absorbed and leaves my skin soft.

Last but not least, the set also includes the Lip Moisturiser: a hydrating gel that provides lips with hydration to prevent dryness and chapped lips. This lip balm can be a bit rich as the consistency is almost that of petroleum jelly but not as heavy. It immediately soothes the lips and leaves them with a bit of shine and the moisturising effects last for hours. 

Malin + Goetz seems like a really good skincare brand that caters for different skin needs and types, I quite like using these products and even though they are a bit pricey, would recommend them. 


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