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Studded jumper

Jumper: Miss Selfridge
Shorts: Primark (similar)
Shoes: New Look 

Today we went to the park with the family and friends and had some fun in the sun, ate some delicious cake, played frisbee and a bit of football haha.
I wore my shorts and even though it was sunny, when the wind blew I got cold, fortunately I took my jeans as well so I could change into them. Obviously after all the running around I got hot in the end.

When we got home I took a long nap to recharge as I was very tired, so I guess I'm getting old... though before our nap we went to the bookies and they asked for my ID, which I didn't have it with me so we had to leave. I'll be 26 in 9 days but apparently I look under 21? (I certainly don't mind!)


4 comentarios:

  1. Naville me encanta tu jumper, no sé porque siempre me han gustado los jumpers con estampados de animales y eso que no tengo ninguno así y ese detalle con las tachas se ve genial. Tienes totalmente razón la primera vez que entré aquí pensaba que tenías 21 hasta que me dí cuenta que eres arquitecta y todo. Saludos :)


  2. How about following each other. Am following you now. ;)))


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