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Floral Nails Tutorial

I made a little how to for floral nails as I've just started getting into nail art. 

You will need: 
  • A Base Coat
  • Background Colour
  • Light Pink
  • Dark Pink
  • Green 
  • Top Coat
  • Nail decorating tool

1. Apply your base coat and then your base colour.

2. Add small circles with the light pink nail polish.

3. Use the dark pink nail polish to add some detail over the light pink circles.

4. Paint some leaves on with the green nail polish and finish with your choice of top coat.

Use a light colour as a base so your design stands out.
Don't forget to allow to dry between each step to avoid smudging.
Try experimenting with different colours!

Are you a fan of nail art?


14 comentarios:

  1. Great tutorial :))

  2. so cute! thanks for sharing!~

  3. I love nail art the blue base is a stunning one! xx. gigi.

  4. hey I nominated you for the Liebster award :) xx

  5. Tus uñas quedaron increíbles, yo la verdad soy bastante mala para hacer dibujos en mi uñas, lo he intentado, hay veces que quedan bien pero hay veces que se forma un pegoste por el montón de capaz de pintura de uñas :( Awww me encantaría tener una pintura de uñas de Ciaté, ya sólo por el packaging dan ganas de comprarse de todos los colores. Saludos Naville :)


  6. Your nails look so pretty like this! You make this design seem so easy to do as well. Not sure I could do it with my left hand though, haha. Looking forward to more nail art tutorials :D

    Debra Bros Blog

  7. I like them, but I'm so bad at nail art...

  8. love your pictures and your blog <3


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