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All Used Up #2

I renamed the empties series "all used up" because I thought it sounded better, and even if it doesn't I like being different haha.

Garnier mineral ultra dry roll on*: I won this last year in a Garnier competition along with the Ultra lift serum (which I talked about here). I'm not the biggest fan of roll on deodorants because they take time to dry, but aside from that this is a good product, with a fresh smell. I can't comment on the 48 hour claim as I don't wait that long for my next shower haha. I couldn't find the roll on version online but there is an aerosol version available here.

Witch anti blemish pressed powder: This is a good powder but not amazing. It mattifies the skin but has very little coverage, is not very fine so it's hard to pick up the product with a brush, and is better for pink undertones. It is an affordable powder, and is usually on offer. It's also supposed to help with breakouts but I didn't see a massive difference while using it.  I have actually repurchased it once and have almost run out but I'm not sure if I would get it again.

Cowshed slender cow extra firming body butter*: As mentioned on the What's in my travel skincare bag post, this is a really good product. Excellent at deeply moisturising and firming the skin. Recommended.

Gardenia of London red rose & magnolia moisturising shower cream: love the scent of this shower cream, it reminds me of Paul Smith Rose. It is really fresh and floral so I think both products go well together. You can also find this range at Tesco.

Sanex dermo invisible: This product didn't really work for me and I wouldn't repurchase, although the formula has been changed recently, so it might be better now. 

Bloomsbury & Tate warm vanilla & neroli hand & body lotion: Lots of &s. This was part of a set with a shower gel. The scent is really warm and nice, like oranges. I think it is best suited for when the weather is cold because of the warm scent. The lotion is slightly thick and contains sweet almond oil, bitter orange flower and vanilla extracts, vitamin E and shea butter so it is very moisturising and leaves skin soft with a lovely scent that lingers for hours. Unfortunately I don't think you can buy this online and since it was a gift I don't really know where to find it, but I would definitely try it again.

Have you tried any of these products? Did you like them?


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  1. I love this garnier roll on !

  2. love the "all used up" name! so much cuter then empties. what great ones you have there too. I love these posts because you can really get a feel of what someone thinks of a product when they've finished it! xx. gigi.

  3. I follow you, now its your turn! :)

  4. Cool products!!
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    A chic kiss ;)

  5. Interesting products!


  6. I like your blog!:) Follow? I follow you now!

  7. you have a lovely blog <3 i love it!
    follow for follow?
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  8. It's weird because Sanex is the best for me and I especially like this product (no white spots)


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