Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner

Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner

Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner

Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner

Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner

Last week I received the Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner. As a lifelong stationery fan I’m always excited to try out new products, especially good quality ones such as this Mål Paper planner.

The Daily Goal Setter is meant to help you reach your goals by creating action plans that are divided into short, medium and long-term timescales.

On the first few of pages you can find a guide to help you get the most out of the Daily Goal Setter, and it explains a couple of methods on how to set effective goals and how to prioritise your to-do lists.

Included in the planner are sections for long, medium and short term goals; monthly, weekly and daily view sections; and a lined and dotted notes section (all undated so you can use any page at any time). 

Also included in the Daily Goal Setter are a 2020/2021 calendar, document holder, two ribbon dividers and elastic closure. The PU leather cover with gold embossed writing and ivory 100 gsm paper makes it look and feel luxurious.

I really like the minimalist design as it allows you to concentrate on the writing that you do on the planner’s pages, however if you do like to add a bit of colour or stickers to your notes to help keep you organised this is also the perfect blank canvas for that.  

Another thing I like about the Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter is how it includes motivational quotes at the bottom of each page, as well as an area for writing things you are grateful for each day, 'daily affirmation' and 'great things that happened today' sections. So not only is the Daily Goal Setter aiding with productivity but also with positivity and motivation, which I think is great as we all can use some help to improve our mood and mental health along with keeping organised.

Find the Daily Goal Setter on the Mål Paper website. You can get 15% off your order with code BRSPECIAL15, plus free delivery on all UK orders.


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