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Nivea Sensitive Day Cream

Nivea Sensitive Day Cream

Wearing a moisturiser with SPF every day is imperative, even on days I don't go out. Recently I've been using the Nivea Sensitive Day Cream, which came with the Night Cream (along with a lip balm, wipes and an eye makeup remover) as a set that I received last Christmas.

I've reviewed the Night Cream before, so today I'll just write about the day cream. At first I was a bit scared it would be too heavy for my skin as the texture is somewhat thick. The first few times I used the Nivea Sensitive Day Cream it felt like it didn't absorb completely and would leave my skin looking a bit shiny and feeling a bit suffocated, but the more I used this cream, it seems to be absorbing better and not leaving my skin as greasy-looking. Any shine is easily vanished with some powder.

Just as the night cream, the day version has Licorice Extract and Grape Seed Oil, which are meant to reduce signs of redness, tightness and dryness; and it's free of perfume. The ingredient lists are a bit different between the 2 versions as the day one includes SPF 15, and the night one features shea butter. The day cream does moisturise, doesn't irritate my skin and the fact it has no fragrance is nice too. All in all, it's not my favourite moisturiser but for days when I'm staying in it does the job.

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