Richard Ashcroft at The O2

Richard Aschroft

Richard Ashcroft at the O2

On Friday we went to see Richard Aschroft at the O2 in London. The only downside of having a job in retail is that I had to go to work the next day, not until 11 but still. I felt a bit tired but as soon as the concert began I didn't feel like I was going to fall asleep any second ha. 

Don't really know many of his songs, but I do know that he was in The Verve and I know their song Bittersweet Symphony, which was the closing up song, complete with a live orchestra and air cannons blowing out lots of fake £20 notes in the air with the face of Richard Ashcroft on them. He also got off the stage during that song to have the crowd sing into his microphone (he walked right in front of me!). So even though I only really knew Bittersweet Symphony, I had a very good time and really enjoyed that last song.


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