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ASOS Sale Picks

ASOS sale clearance 70% off
My favourites from the ASOS sale. As you can see I have some sort of a fashion identity crisis - on one side I like minimalist and masculine inspired pieces and on the other there's the more feminine shapes and even pastel colours.

ASOS Olive Mac: Love the way it drapes (watch the catwalk video!)
Olivia Burton Coral Watch: Minimalist design with a pop of colour, what's not to like?
Marc Jacobs Mint Watch: There's also a black version but this one is great for summer.
New Look Pink Coat: I got this coat months ago full price and now it's over 50% off.
Ri2k Leather Bag: Such a classic shape, and it reminds me of the Hermes Birkin Bag (dupe alert)
ASOS T-Bar Shoes: A modern take on the T-bar shoes.
Steve Madden Flats: A more feminine flat shoe with ankle strap.
Lulu Guinness Makeup Bag: A cute little bag to keep your essentials in.

Did you see anything you like?


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