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new bag

i got this bag at k mart on my last trip to the USA. i love it, and so do my girl friends haha

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  1. Wow it's pretty cool! I think KMart is stepping it up its collection to compete with other stores like Walmart and Target. It's good for us :-) xxooxxo

  2. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. 6,786 Miles Apart is influenced by the original 3,191 Miles Apart which is now a book. There is no theme to the daily photos. We take photos of something beautiful in our day and then pair them up and sometimes they're eerily similar. You can read how it started here:

    Your blog is great! Keep it up. Your bag looks fantastic and really roomy.

  3. i too love the bag, such a good size
    your really pretty xxx

  4. lovely bag, I always need big bags to carry all my things in. K mart is doing well i see

  5. Wow, that bag looks both very pretty and wonderfully huge!

  6. Lovelyy bag, seems perfect for carrying everything!

  7. lovely, you look really nice in your pictures. When did you last visit the US?

    xoxo Taylor

  8. Hey, just wanted to let you know that I gave your awesome blog an award.

  9. Gorgeous bag!
    Love the colour!
    Beth xx

  10. love that bag! very jealous

    miss neira

  11. I would never expect that from K-Mart, wowza! And your entire outfit is so amazing and chic.



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