my 1st award!

sorry i havent been updating as "much" as before haha
but i started classes on the 10th so i dont have the time i did before

but here I am again!
and i want to thank Rosie Unknown (Through the Wilderness) for passing me on the Lovely Blog Award

lovely blog

Six things that make me happy today are:
1. i didnt have to go to school today haha
2. my 'pen-pal' carla from peru! she always makes me laugh xD
3. little daisy, when she behaves well (little chihuahueña doggie)
4. the fact that i got to finish my homework haha
5. listening to the Arctic Monkeys' new album Humbug.
6. that i won an autographed vinyl by The Whip! O:

i would like to pass this on to these blogs:

Luna Supernova

The Magic Doll

étonnant blossom

bohemian musings

and now a video from The Whip. i didnt really listen to them until i was noticed i won their autographed vinyl. (i know, it sounds awful, but i didnt really think i had a chance on winning it, but it's great, and i listened to them and i liked them) :D

the singer reminds me of jamie hince (the kills) i dont know why, maybe it's that look on his eyes or his attitude i dont know, but there's something that reminds me of (a younger looking) jamie hince haha



  1. thanks SO much for the award!! that's really really sweet of you.

  2. Your welcome, you so deserve it!

    Hmm, it's always hard to recommend books, but some of my favorite books are a series called the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. It's sort of a fantasy series about a guy, his "brother" who is a wolf, and Raven, who is a very cool female supporting character.

  3. Haha, funny to read what happend to you today!

  4. Hey Congrats on the award! Don't have to go to school today?! Lucky you! xxoxo

  5. congrats on the award! you said your last trip to the U.S. was three weeks ago? Where did you go?
    xoxo Taylor

  6. Felicidades por tu premio... las clases de foto las estoy tomando con MYSOL de studio Mysol, aquí los datos: www.mysolfoto.com/

  7. Congreats on your first awards thats great. I loveeeeeeeee the kills

  8. Congrats on the awards and wining the vinyl! They sound pretty awesome!

    That's great you didn't have class lol, I didn't either yet I'm so busy doing a ton of homework =/


  9. Those blogs are great... Luna Supernova has great style!



  10. Congrats on the award hun, your blog is super stylin' ;)



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