NEW ORLEANS' KATRINA : History and Law of Yesteryear in Force Today

 *This is a sponsored post.NEW ORLEANS' KATRINA : History and Law of Yesteryear in Force Today

In 2005 Huricane Katrina devastated the City of New Orleans. The survivors of this natural disaster suffered many injustices and were left to their own devices without any electricity, food or water for nearly a week. Some people were preyed on and even killed. Beverly Davis wants to make sure that all of the injustices from that event are never forgotten. 

Beverly Davis is a self taught artist and author. The New Orleans native's greatest desire is for the world to know what happened in New Orleans, which is why she has written the book NEW ORLEANS' KATRINA : History and Law of Yesteryear in Force Today.

At the time she began writing her book, Beverly Davis had surgery on her right eye, and four months later she woke up completely blind in that eye. Two years later she was told she needed surgery on her left eye, though the laser treatment left it severely burnt. From then on she experienced pain and discomfort in her remaining working eye.

Despite all of this she was determined to make the New Orleans' survivors stories known, so she continued to research for her book until on June 9th, during her final full length editing she could not longer focus properly with her remaining eye.

Beverly also completed 13 paintings for her The New Orleans Katrina Holocaust series, and feels comfort in the knowledge she has done all she possibly could in contribution to help ensure the world never forgets what happened to the people in the city of New Orleans during and after the flood that followed Hurricane Katrina. 

You can support Beverly by buying her book on Amazon and also by pledging on her Kickstarter to help achieve her goal of printing 300-500 first edition copies of her book.


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