Lover-Beauty: Shapewear at Wholesale Prices

This is a sponsored post. 

With the holiday season fast approaching, we want to look our best and sometimes this involves dressing up - whether in fancy dress or actual fancy outfits such as fitted dresses. And sometimes we might need a little help to slip into a dress or to smooth out our shape, which is where Lover-Beauty comes in. 

Lover-Beauty is an online shapewear, lingerie, sportswear, swimwear and women's fashion website with very affordable prices, including some of the best shapewear wholesale prices. And now I will share with you some of my favourite finds from Lover-Beauty.

Lover-Beauty: Shapewear at Wholesale Prices
Above on the left is the Black seamless shaper, which will serve to smooth your figure as well as a base coat if you are wearing a sheer blouse. On the right is the High waist skirt, which will tuck everything in thanks to the ultra high design and will help bodycon dresses look smoother.  

Lover-Beauty: Shapewear at Wholesale Prices
On this picture we have a couple more items that I think are great basics to wear under your holiday outfits: on the left we have the Lace body shaper, which I love the fabric of and the classic black colour means it goes well with almost everything. It features adjustable straps and a lower back, so it's perfect if you are wearing a garment that shows the upper back. And on the right is the Black  seamless body shaper in plain black, which also has adjustable straps but the extra length on the lower half means it will shape the upper tights as well as providing an opaque base for any sheer skirts or dresses. 

As I mentioned before, Lover-Beauty not only does shapewear but also has a section of Christmas costumes wholesale online, which can be handy if you are looking to dress up at a party. And I want to mention that all the items shown above are under $10 USD, so do have a look if you are on a budget.


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