Flower Bouquet

It was my birthday 10 days ago, and I had a lovely day, however I'd been waiting to have an appointment at the hospital for a scan, which after a week of waiting I didn't even have a date for. 

Last week we went to A&E and after tests and hours of waiting I got an appointment for a scan the next day (Thursday). That same day after my scan they admitted me and told me that the laparoscopy I needed could be done within 1 or 2 days. 

Later they said to me that they could perform it the same day. I was so scared. However everything went fine and I'm now at home, slowly recovering. I was actually discharged less than 24 hours after surgery. I know it's not a major operation but it was my first ever and it was terrifying. Dotcito has been looking after me and I'm feeling stronger every day.  

I think I lost some weight as I wasn't allowed food after they admitted me, and after the operation I didn't even feel hungry. It all happened so fast and was very emotional but I'm feeling a bit better each day. Can't wait to be able to laugh without pain again ha.


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