7 Free Image Hosting Sites


With the unnameable website that last weekend decided to start charging an extortionate amount of hundreds of dollars a year for 3rd party image hosting, a lot of blogs and websites have had to look for a new place to host their pictures. Here are a few alternatives:

Free Image Hosting Google Photo

Google Photos - It has unlimited storage for web uploads as long as you have selected the High Quality option (photos are compressed to save space and if a photo is larger than 16MP it is reduced to 16MP). You can also download the free app to back up your phone pictures.

Free Image Hosting Imgur

Imgur - It's the one I have been using for the past couple of days to host my pictures. It's super easy to sign up (I used Facebook) and use. You can organise your photos into albums, use captions and hashtags, drag and drop pictures to upload, and the black background is easy on the eye. Plus it's not flooded in ads that slow the site down. 

Free Image Hosting TinyPic
TinyPic - A photo and video sharing service that allows you to easily upload, link, and share your pictures and videos on social media, blogs and message boards. Files that you upload remain on the site for 90 days and they get removed after that if they don't get any views, or you can sign up to keep track of your files. It gives you the option of uploading from image, video or URL. 

Free Image Hosting Flickr

Flickr - It gives you a generous 1000 GB of free storage and as it is a photo sharing social network, it's great site to also discover the works of other talented people. You can always select the privacy of your photos, and it also has photo editing tools to edit your pictures. Here you can publish your pictures under Creative Commons licensing, allowing people to share your work with attribution. 

Free Image Hosting Dropbox
DropBox - This is a free cloud storage service provider that you can use to back up your files and photos. You can easily share with others and edit files in shared folders that everyone gets automatically updated about as it happens. It syncs automatically with all your devices, allows large files and you can easily share with people even if they don't have a Dropbox account. 

Free Image Hosting PostImage
Post Image - Very handy if you want to instantly resize your picture to optimise it for different uses (ie. avatar, thumbnail, email, message boards, and different size monitors). You can also choose to have it permanently hosted or make it temporary so it disappears after 1, 7 or 31 days. You have the option of uploading via URL and don't even have to make an account to start uploading. 

Free Image Hosting Gifyu
Gifyu - You can upload files in JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF up to 100MB in size and it supports multi-upload so you don't have to upload each file one by one. Choose to upload from your computer files or a URL. It doesn't need signing up to start uploading however the pictures get shared publicly. You can share your pictures privately by creating an account. 

Hope this has been helpful. Let me know in the comments if you use a different free image hosting site from the ones I mentioned.


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