My 1st Football Match At Wembley

Wembley Stadium London
I never considered myself a football fan, but Dot is and a while ago he got tickets to see Liverpool vs Barcelona at the Wembley stadium in London on Saturday. I didn't know what to expect as when I see football on tv it is always boring to me, but I actually really enjoyed it as it is 10x better to see a match in real life than not. 

The stadium was clean, we had seats in the shade, it didn't smell, it wasn't as loud (I wore earplugs anyway), the pitch was bright green and the whole experience was quite fun actually. Liverpool won 4-0 though we missed the last goal on the extra time as we left a bit early because of the trains.

I was hoping to be on the big screen and wasn't but all the children that got their few seconds of fame did "the dab" (?) haha. The only thing that wasn't fun at all was getting heatstroke in the tube on the way back home, we had to get off at Westminster but Dot got me a drink and then I was fine.


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