John Frieda Full Repair Styling Spray

John Frieda Full Repair Styling Spray
Ages ago I was sent most of the Full Repair haircare line by John Frieda, Styling Spray included. At the time I was using another heat protecting product but I ran out since so started using this one. 

A heat protecting product is a must if you use blow dry or use hot tools on your hair and want to keep it looking and feeling nice and soft. I used to iron my hair quite a bit around a decade ago (!) but stopped. Since moving to the UK and encountering cold and long winters, I do need to dry my hair because if I don't, my head just feels like it's frozen and more often than not, I get a cold. 

The John Frieda Full Repair Styling Spray contains Inchi Inca Oil and claims to improve manageability, create natural movement and provide long lasting hold to any hair style, as well as heat protecting your hair from heat and leaving your hair shiny. 

The spray smells nice, but the scent doesn't linger, and after using it my hair is more manageable, very soft and a bit shinier. I don't really use it for styling (like curling or straightening) but after blow drying it, there are no kinks or flyaways and my hair is not weighed down, so it is a great option for fine haired ladies. On summary, I do like it and would purchase it.


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