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Night Skincare Routine

lierac luminescence
As the current weather is cold, skin can get dehydrated or feel dry and tight more easily, which is why I try to use products a bit more moisturising than I would in the summer. My night time skincare routine consists of the following products: 

Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser: I start off by cleansing with this creamy and hydrating product after removing my eye makeup with a micellar water. This cleanser does not foam up so if you only use foaming cleansers it might take a bit to take used to. It leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and moisturised. 

Lierac Luminescence Illuminating Serum: This serum is meant to even out skin tone, diminish the look of pores, fade redness and dark spots. I have been using this serum for a few months now and can definitely confirm that it does fade redness. One of my favourite serums. 

Origins Make a Difference+ Rejuvinating Moisturiser: To finish it off, I apply this anti aging moisturiser from Origins. It has a texture between a lotion and a cream, glides on easily, is absorbed fast and moisturises well, plus it smells like oranges. 

What products are on your night skincare routine?


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