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Hair Inspiration

edie campbel ysl black opium
suki waterhouse burberry brit rythm
medium length hair with layers and bangs or fringe
choppy mullet haircut
medium length hair with layers and bangs or fringe
freja beha erichsen hair
source: pinterest
I love long hair, and always have ever since I was little as for me it's kind of a symbol of ultimate femininity, though recently, after seeing Edie Campbell in the YSL Black Opium advert with that haircut it made me want to embrace that haircut again after giving it a try a few years back when the whole scene kid fashion was around.

The good thing about long hair is that it helps keep you warmer in the winter haha but it is a nightmare waiting for it to dry with a cold head and I hate using heat on my hair as I don't want to damage it, as well as being very time consuming. It's also annoying when you're trying to do the zip up on your coat or jacket and your hair is so long it gets on the way. It was getting quite tangly on the ends so that was it.

I went today to get my hair cut (I showed the stylist the last 2 pictures) and she cut my hair in nice layers and even though she advised not to have a fringe I went for it anyway. This was probably one of the very few times where I wasn't worried about keeping the length and she didn't really cut it as short as I was expecting (an extra 1 or 2 inches would have been great) and I was also expecting the ends to be layered as well, not blunt but oh well, it still looks fine. Next time I'll just have to emphasize on the 'no blunt ends' thing. See the end result on my Instagram.


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