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Personalized Photo Magnets

Print Personalized Photo Magnets online on PickStick and a 25% discount code.

One thing that people don't seem to do anymore is print pictures, as we constantly upload them onto social media, but there is something quite charming about having a physical reminder of a special moment you've shared with the people you love. 

On PicStick you can upload pictures from your PC, phone or even Facebook and have them printed as mini magnets with a glossy finish, which makes a really nice gift for birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas.

Something that I would recommend before sending your pictures for printing is to make sure that they are bright enough as when they are printed they can come out a bit dark, and also be careful when you separate the magnets from the pre-cut sheet to avoid damaging them.

You can get a sheet of 9 magnets with free worldwide delivery for £9.50/$14.99 though if you use the code IHIN25 you get 25% off ;)


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