Vaseline Healthy Hands & Stronger Nails Hand Cream

Vaseline Healthy Hands & Stronger Nails Hand Cream

I didn't really use a hand cream as part of my everyday skincare routine before, but recently the skin on the palms of my hands has been so (visibly) dry with rough skin and just not very appealing to the eye so I started getting into the world of hand creams slowly but surely.

Vaseline Healthy Hands & Stronger Nails Hand Cream claims to soften your hands, smooth cuticles ad strengthen nails by 50% thanks to a fast absorbing and non-greasy formula that combines keratin and multi-layer moisture, infusing moisture at the top, core and deep down layers of the skin.

The texture of this hand cream is light, so it absorbs very quickly, which I like. It smoothes out the roughness of my skin instantly, though I am not sure about the nail strengthening part as I didn't really suffer from weak nails in the first place. The scent is similar to that of public toilets' hand wash, not amazing but not awful either. 

This hand cream contains some great moisturising ingredients such as glycerin, collagen, retinol, sunflower oil, keratin and milk protein, but also uses mineral oils, silicones and parabens. It is quite affordable as I found it in the pound shop (though it's normally on offer elsewhere), so I would buy it again for everyday use.

Find Vaseline Healthy Hands & Stronger Nails Hand Cream in Boots and Superdrug.

Have you tried this or other Vaseline hand creams?


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  1. I really should get some hand cream because my hands get dry too, but I really hate using it and I hate my hands feeling wet/moist. I really hate washing and drying my hands, haha. It must be a family thing because my little niece hates getting wet too and if water gets on her clothes, she has to take them off right away.

    Corinne x

  2. I've never seen any Vaseline products here in Switzerland, but I'm pretty sure we have this brand. I'll need to check it out.

  3. Never tried, but I think I should.
    Julie | http://www.juliechagas.com/

  4. Yeah I think I should try it, too!
    Thanks for that!

    ♥ www.sugarpopfashion.com ♥

  5. It looks like a really nice cream!

    Besitos xx

  6. I love Vaseline products. I really need to try this cream out.
    Happy Sunday.

  7. Adorei as dicas... Ă“timas ♥

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  11. I've tried it. Got it to review at one time. I think it was alright.


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