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Clique, the first FREE shoppable magazine


Clique is the world’s first truly shoppable magazine with extra content that you can access via an app on your mobile phone. For the first time in print magazines, content can be bought, shared, watched or bookmarked, as if the experience was happening online. Filled with must-read fashion, beauty and lifestyle features, news, shopping and trends, Clique aims to not only inspire but to bring maximum value and service to its readers.

Newly launched in November, Clique is a free monthly print magazine that lets you unlock hidden content, shop directly from the page and build your own digital ‘handbag’, where you can store everything you like from the magazine and access it anytime, anyplace and on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile).

Digital ‘handbag’ contents can be shared, and special offers, rewards & incentives can be regularly added to your bag based on all your favourite brands, features and articles from the mag.

100 page glossy format with up to the minute fashion, beauty and lifestyle news, trends, features, celebrity style and inspiration.

Limited print edition delivered for free directly through your door or inbox, also available for free on tablet and web.

To sign up for your free copy, click here or on the picture above.


PS. Enter to win £1,000 worth of Damaris lingerie here.

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  2. interesting! thanks for sharing the info on them! xx. gigi.

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