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All Used Up #3

Welcome to the 3rd edition of All Used Up! I know it's only a few products but I wanted to write about them.

Palmolive Ayurituel energy shower gel: this is part of a new Palmolive shower gel collection that claims to help harmonize and take you to a "new sensorial experience". This product smells really nice, of sandalwood and ginger, which I find it did help me relax a bit when I used it. It lathers up nicely and does what it is supposed to do, but I wish it also was moisturising too. I would repurchase but I'm in no hurry to do so as I prefer moisturising shower products.

Pantene Naturefusion Leave-in conditioner: I'm not sure if this product has been discontinued because I can't find it online and I actually got it from one of those pound shops haha. But it is actually a really nice leave in conditioner, it made my hair soft and smooth (it does contain silicones) and has a nice, slightly sweet smell. It says it helps give your hair a silky, smooth feel, which I agree with. I would repurchase if I can find it again haha. You can find other Pantene leave-in conditioners here.

Neutrogena 2 in 1 wash and face mask: This is a thick face wash that you can use daily or leave it in for 5 minutes and it will act as a mask, leaving your skin with a deep clean feeling. What I didn't like about this product is that when used a mask it dries to a point where it is kind of hard to remove from your skin. Important ingredients: Glycerin, Kaolin, Bentonite, Salicylic Acid, and Lactic Acid. The first one moisturises, the 2nd and 3rd one are clays to draw impurities from the skin, and the acids help with preventing and treating blemishes. I would recommend this product if you suffer with spots.

Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect eye makeup remover: This is one makeup remover that does work. I was drawn at first to it by the bi-phase presentation of it, though it later became annoying (I want to take my makeup off and not spend precious seconds of my time shaking a bottle in order to do so). I would repurchase because it is a really good product, but now that I've finally used it up I'm trying a micellar water to remove my makeup at night. Read my review on this product here.

Have you tried any of these products?


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  1. Neutrogena products always work on my skin!

    Style Nirvana

  2. I like your title far better then the classic "empties" and really must try that makeup remover, I love trying new ones and have yet to find a hg. thanks for sharing your finished products hun! xx. gigi.

  3. great post! you've got a beautiful blog!
    would you love to follow each other on GFC an bloglovin'?
    let know on my blog :)

  4. i love neutrogena products! they really work well on my skin, I have yet to try the other ones but i want to check if we have the nivea makeup remover here <3 thanks for sharing!

  5. hello doll!
    Just followed you via GFC and Bloglovin, now waiting for you <3


  6. Great post! Thank you!

  7. I adore your blog! It's very informative and helpful!

    Definitely following :)



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