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Waterfall Braid Bun Tutorial

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1. Part hair.
2. Grab a small section of hair.
3. & 4. Split into 3 parts.
5. Start French braiding, making sure to braid diagonally across the head.
6. Secure braid with a hair tie.
7. Roll the braid up and in, making a little bun.
8. Secure bun next to or above ear with Bobbi pins.
via OnceWed

A lovely hairstyle for any special occasion. Do you have any special events coming soon? Would you wear your hair in a lovely bun like this? Let me know what you think


7 comentarios:

  1. This is beautiful. I'd definitely wear it yes, I might make it look a bit more messy and wear it out to a casual dinner.

  2. This is amazing. It's styles like these that make me a bit sad I gave my hair the chop a while back.

  3. I love this, I just wish I could do more with my hair, I am rubbish.


  4. oh i love this! cute blog.
    i'm now following you on gfc - hope you do the same xx
    love from across the pond,

  5. gorgeous hairstyle. thanks for the tutorial!

    love, x
    blog | twitter

  6. Thank you for this tutotial, this hair style is so nice, I just wish I had a friend who knows how to do these things :)


  7. I really really love this hairstyle! I wish I had enough hair to do this!
    - Charlotte


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